Stimulating education that promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship must not leave out protecting one’s own work and respecting the work of others!

The IP EXPERIENCE Project aims to sensitize and empower University and High School students on the strategic value that Intellectual Property Rights brings into their future business activities, through a program of workshops and live events in Milan and Barcelona.

During educational programs, university students often make practice with new theoretical contents in project works inspired by real industrial case studies. Such initiatives are an excellent opportunity to stimulate and encourage technical creativity, innovation abilities and business skills. Such training experiences must not leave out the culture of Intellectual Property rights to protect their own intellectual creations and the respect of the work of others! Interactive workshops in IP-Experience program propose simulation activities on how to protect new technical concepts through the Intellectual Property rights!



Freely available outputs to be delivered during the execution of the Project

The Project will run several events and workshops: showed slides from speakers and teachers will be freely available.


IP Game