The project

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The IP EXPERIENCE Project aims to sensitize and empower University and High School students on the strategic value that Intellectual Property Rights bring into their future business activities, through a program of workshops and live events in Milan and Barcelona.

The Project will last 14 months (November 2019/December 2020) and is co-funded by the European Union Intellectual Property Office-EUIPO (GR/001/19, Lot 2: Reaching consumers/citizens and especially young people, Application reference n° 0185, Agreement Number 1320190007).

The Project is a step in a path carried out by the Partners to foster the Intellectual Property as a fundamental value to valorize the results coming from the co-operation between University and Industry.

Target Groups

The project is aimed at young people from 15 to 24 years, differentiating between high school students from 15 to 18 years old and university students from 19 to 24 years old, preferably from the engineering, architecture and design branches.

In addition, the project will promote contents of interest for young researchers, Ph.D. students, students and young entrepreneurs.

The General Objectives (GO)

  • (GO-1). To enhance the technical knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights, as well as provide appropriate information to protect the results of their own creativity, in order to enrich the human capital of young people and promote entrepreneurship;
  • (GO-2). To encourage the interest of future generations of researchers in the main elements on Intellectual Property Rights (invention patents, trademarks, design) potentially emerging from research and development activities;
  • (GO-3). To promote the culture of Intellectual Property Rights and the respect for the Intellectual Property Rights of other people in the context of collaborations between University and Industry, empowering all the stakeholders (academic teachers, companies, and especially university students), in order to strengthen and enhance the emerging models of co-creation between University and Industry.

The Specific Objectives (SO)

  • SO-1. Promoting the fundamentals of Intellectual Property Rights through an experiential education and simulation approach during an interactive workshop program (Interactive Program).
  • SO-2. Inspiring university students with best practices of Intellectual Property value exploitation, involving successful Italian and Spanish companies and entrepreneurs who will share their experiences.
  • SO-3. Creating new training material that will be promoted in the already existing activities.