Industrial experiences on IP importance and IP valorization from Italian and Spanish companies

During the kick-off event of the IP EXPERIENCE project dated last 11th February, a video message by the invited speaker Dr. Gialunca Dettori was shot.
Internet pioneer, founder of dPixel, Gianluca Dettori is one of the greatest experts on high-tech and digital innovation in Italy.
In the video message Dr. Dettori highlights the strategic value of Intellectual Property to encourage and enhance creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to Marsaglia Intellectual Property plays a fundamental role in the R&D activities in Pirelli and increases the competitive edge of the Italian Multinational in the market.

Experts from well-known Italian and Spanish companies will be interviewed on their experience on Intellectual Property, its valorization and exploitation. Such videos will be available here.

From the previous THEOREM project, some videos reporting each event, the interviews of teachers, industrial experts and attendees of such events are already available.

Go to the THEOREM website, pass through the ten training events executed to promote IP Rights and its fundamentals and watch the reporting videos on The events.