Best Practices on IP valorization: Handbook on Italian and Spanish best practices of Intellectual Property exploitation

The handbook presents five chapters:

  • In the first chapter the Politecnico di Milano and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya will present the general overview of their IP policy;
  • The second chapter deals with the importance of establishing well-defined IP strategies to economically valorize an invention, with a specific focus on licensing policy and start-up creation process.
  • The third chapter tackles a very tricky issue: how to evaluate the patentability and the registration requirements and how to calculate the value of an intangible asset.
  • The fourth chapter points out the importance to define IP Regulations to optimize the Academic – industrial relations in the context of intellectual property commercialization and Open Innovation projects.
  • The last chapter presents how the two universities evaluate, support, and monitor the invention of their researchers, promoting entrepreneurship within their structures.

Downloand the Handbook!  

A similar handbook entitled ‘Intellectual Property for Start-ups’ (43 pages, currently in Italian only) is already freely available from the previous THEOREM project. Go to the THEOREM website to the Intellectual Property for Start-ups’ handbook.