How to protect an ICT invention? – Milan

A workshop on the basic elements concerning the Intellectual Property Rights and the IP strategy, targeting university students, young researchers and young entrepreneurs or start-uppers.

Date: Tuesday 6th October

Time: 11.30 am – 1.00 pm

Location: online workshop on Microsoft Teams

Type of event: Interactive workshop, free-of-charge participation, registration required here.


This webinar aims to go deeper into the Intellectual Property Rights issues and challenging attendees on their knowledge and perception of how Intellectual Property rights practically work to protect an electronic device.

I have conceived an ELECTRONIC DEVICE …

  • Which elements of it can be protected?
  • In which ways they can be protected? Which IP Right to use and for what?
  • What amount of effort is expected to be provided?

Through a simulation approach based on real case studies, participants will be engaged and face questions similar to the above. Giving participants a real electronic product, participants will be supported to focus their attention on the fundamental aspects of protection and experiment on how IP Rights work in the real world.

This interactive workshop is the second of a two-events cycle promoted by the IP Experience project and planned in autumn. See the previous event “How to protect an artifact or Industrial product?“, planned for Tuesday 22nd September.

Once defined a new electronic device, the awareness on which elements to be protected and to use which IP Rights is fundamental to set up properly the strategy of protection of a new product, foresight possible approaches for valorizing such product or anticipating future contractual issues and finally understanding the resources needed for IP protection in the context of a new entrepreneurial idea. Definitively, the sensibility on what IP Right to use and when aims to avoid waste of time and resources for future entrepreneurial activities.

IP Experts and Legal Attorneys will be present and discuss answers and decisions taken by the participants during such simulation.

Online engagement tools will be used to stimulate directly participants. So be ready to challenge your IP knowledge using your smartphone or tablet!!

The interactive workshop will be performed ONLY on online streaming.

The event is free-of-charge, but registration on Eventbrite is required. The day before the event all registered persons will receive a link to access the seminar. The event will be held in English.


11.30 am Opening and IP Experience Project
Giacinto Schiavulli – Project Manager (moderator), PoliHub Innovation District & Startup Accelerator
Annalisa Balloi– Innovation Promoter, Politecnico di Milano, TTO (pdf)

11.40 am Essence of Intellectual Property Rights: which right, what for and how to get it
A short overview of main IP Rights, Patents, Trademarks, Design, Copyright and Trade Secrets
Michela Maggi – Business Lawyer, PhD Intellectual Property, Studio Legale Maggi (pdf)
Matteo Mozzi – European Patent Attorney, Jacobacci & Partners Spa (pdf)

12.10 pm IP Experience interactive workshop: How to protect an ICT invention?
Interactive Workshops
Filippo Silipigni – Project Manager, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

12.25 pm Discussion on results
Michela Maggi – Business Lawyer, PhD Intellectual Property, Studio Legale Maggi
Matteo Mozzi – European Patent Attorney, Jacobacci & Partners Spa

12.45 pm Questions and Answers

1.00 pm Closing


We would like to acknowledge the following legal experts for their support:
– Lawyer Michela Maggi from Studio Legale Maggi
– Eng. Matteo Mozzi from Jacobacci & Partners Spa.