How to protect an ICT invention? – Milan

A workshop on the basic elements concerning the Intellectual Property Rights and the IP strategy, targeting university students, young researchers and young entrepreneurs or start-uppers.

Date: Tuesday 5th May 2020 New date: Tuesday 6th October

Time: 2.00pm – 7.00 pm

Location: Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa, Street Candiani, Building B1, 3rd Floor, Room Castiglioni, Milan, Italy

Type of event: Interactive workshop, free-of-charge participation, registration required here.


If one has developed an ICT invention, being able to protect it through IP Rights could be a competitive factor for market exploitation!

However, it is not a simple issue to protect proficiently an ICT invention: which technical features can be protected through IP Rights? Is it worth from the technical perspective? And from the market perspective? In order to deal with these issues, register to ‘ How to protect an ICT or software invention!

This is the second interactive workshop of the training program and will consist of two sessions: a formative one and an experiential one.
In the first session, a recap of the main existing Intellectual Property rights available to protect ICT solutions will be shown, highlighting strengths and differences. Then participants will be divided into teams, and through the support of IP experts as facilitators, each team will discuss which IP right to use and to what purpose to protect an ICT solution, simulating the implementation of a preliminary strategy to protect such creation and finally experiment which actions and effort are needed to ensure the legal protection.

Finally, each team will discuss their results.

The event targets university students, but also Ph.D. students, researchers, young entrepreneurs, and start-uppers.
Speakers, IP facilitators, and the agenda will be announced later.
The event will be held in Italian, but working materials could be provided in English. The event is free of charge, but registration is needed here.