A video message by Gianluca Dettori, expert on high-tech and digital innovation

During the kick-off event of the IP EXPERIENCE project dated last 11th February, a video message by the invited speaker Dr. Gialunca Dettori was shot.

Internet pioneer, founder of dPixel, Gianluca Dettori is one of the greatest experts on high-tech and digital innovation in Italy.

During the event, Dr. Dettori shared his experience as founder of a new company, citing examples and events he faced and the issues related to Intellectual Property he had to tackle as a young entrepreneur.

Furthermore, he pointed out the existing available resources (offices, initiatives, competitions, etc) that today universities have been adopting and implementing to provide support to university students, researchers, and young entrepreneurs for the creation of start-ups and spin-off.

The Intellectual Property has an outstanding importance for new entrepreneurial activities and its strategic value is essential.

See the video message and some passages of the kick-off event!