Interview to Giacomo Marsaglia, the head of IP Trademark and Licensing in Pirelli

In the event How to valorize an invention? dated last 11th June, a short interview by the invited speaker Dr Giacomo Marsaglia was shot.

Giacomo Marsaglia is currently the head of Intellectual Property Trademark and Licensing in Pirelli, the well-known Italian multinational company for tires production.

According to Marsaglia Intellectual Property plays a fundamental role in the R&D activities in Pirelli and increases the competitive edge of the Italian Multinational in the market. Pirelli promotes the industry-university collaboration and regularly is looking for partnerships with university research groups that are at the top of the rank in the world for selected topics. Defining and establishing the ownership of the Intellectual Property on the results stemming from such collaborations before launching the research activities is fundamental to ensure the return of investment for both actors and mitigate the incurred risks.

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